Lander Echevarría – Violin/Viola

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Lander Echebarría followed studies at academies in Spain, UK and the Netherlands. He started in Spain at the Oviedo music college, where he was instructed on the violin by Yuri Nashuskin, and on chamber music by Tchiala Kvernadze (former teacher at the Tchaikowsky Music Academy of Moscow). In that period he frequently performed as a soloist with the chamber orchestra „Arche“, in Spain. From 1998 until 2000 he studied at the “Royal College of Music” in London with Felix Andrievsky. In the Netherlands he followed two studies. At the Utrecht Music Academy he studied violin with Keiko Wataya and at the Sweelinck Music Academy of Amsterdam he studied viola with Nabuco Imai. Both studies were finished in 2003 and subsequently he accepted an offer to teach at the music college of San Sebastián. At the present he is a member of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Lander Echebarría - viool/altviool