Barav Music is a music production office, based in the Netherlands, that aims at producing non conventional projects. in the field of chamber music, focusing on music of Slavic – and Romance languages. Our main objective is staging music of lesser known composers and lesser known music of famous composers, always performed by first class musicians. Among these many Spanish and Latin-American chamber music inspired by traditional music, repertoire that often gets the attention of a broad audience.

The collaboration with the soprano Mirjam Wesselink resulted in a number of remarkable productions such as CAMINANTE, MUSICA MOSSA and VIARDOT et CHOPIN.

class=”ppp”>CAMINANTE prolonged because of its success, was performed in the “Concertgebouw” and broadcasted live by Dutch national radio. CAMINANTE was also recorded for CD and released in 2004.
At the present moment our attention goes to two outstanding vocal programs, performed by two excellent ensembles , accompanied by guitar: CANTO DI ROSETTA and BARCAROLA. Both programs have the familiar as well as the unexpected within, and are capable of surprising an audience pleasantly throughout a performance.
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